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before 18:42

Get exclusive offers on food and drink in 1842, before 18:42 – Every day. Signup with your email address below.

How does it work?

  1. Simply enter your email address above to signup (we will be emailing you with new offers)
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation welcome email
  3. Present the email at the bar to receive your card
  4. Visit 1842 and place your order before 18:42 to take advantage of the offers available on that day.

See the latest available offers below.

Get 40% off food
Wednesday - Friday before 18:42

Take advantage of our amazing introductory offer either during the working day or after work – Receive 40% off your entire food bill as long as you place your order before 18:42.

4 bottles of Corona for just £10
everyday before 18:42

Everyones favourite Mexican beer, enjoy 4 chilled bottles for just £10! Just £2.50 a bottle – usual price £3.80. Offer available every day before 18:42.

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Offers subject to change, though he offers presented on this page are the latest offers available.

18:42 Club offers cannot be used with any other offers or promotions.

Orders must be placed before 18:42 to redeem.

40% off food only redeemable Wednesday – Friday.

18:42 Club offers are not valid on Bank Holidays unless stated otherwise.

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